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Margaret Barbour



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Page compiled - January 2020


Margaret and Bert's wedding 10 December 1949, with Guide Guard of Honour.

Guide Guard of Honour

Guide Guard of Honour

Video of Wedding - 1949
(Its silent!)


Margaret Barbour

Phyllis Brown, a Guider from Trinidad Tobago stayed at
Margaret's home while on an international Guide visit 1971

Jumbunna '75 - Patrol leaders gathering - 01 September to 07 September 1975 at Clarendon Lutheran Youth Camp, Clarendon, South Australia.
Leader's in top photo
Back Row - Sheila Lunsburry ,*,* Pat Goodheart, Jean Price, Pat George,*,*,*
Middle Row - Judith, Margaret Barbour, Dot H,Jess L, Helen Gaheim?, Francis Fr?, Vicki, Phyl, Judith, Noreen, Bev, Ruth, Jenny, Q.M Jan
Bottom Row - Margt, Brenda, Sheila, Joan M,, Rosemary, Judith, Noreen, Val Gardina?,Pam Kirkham, Dawn Blanche,*,*, Dorren,*
(sorry if I have misspelt any of these names and those missed)
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