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This site was prepared by Bruce Barbour as a tribute to my mother, Margaret Barbour.

This is not an official web site of the Girl Guides Association. The Girl Guides Trefoil Logo in the top right hand corner is used with the kind permission of Guides Victoria.

Site last updated April 2020.

All articles and other publications on this site are copyrighted to me. All photographs are copyrighted to me, except some photos and images may belong to people other than Margaret Barbour, and they may have copyright on those photos and images. Please contact me if you want to use any of the material on this site.

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Site History

This site is a sub-domain off the Strathmore web site - strathmore3041.org. It is hosted by netvirtue.com.au.

The site commenced in November 2019.


If you wish to comment on any of the article on this site or want further information or want to use the photos or other images on this site for any purpose or want to suggest a correction or to suggest or provide additional information that could be added to the site, please Email me.


Bruce Barbour.

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